Snowboard or ski?

Which one do you prefer? @KGJT-9149, @Nugget, @PHX_Aviation

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Snowboard my dude.

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I’ve only tried skiing…


Skiing is superior.

Snowboarding is way more fun

and dont get me started on how much better the boots are. Having skiied before and then switch to snowboarding the boots are a night and day difference. The snowboard boots are so much softer and easier and amazing

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Ski, ski, ski. Ski.

Ain’t that right, @ToasterStroodie?


Skiing is better

100x better

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Neither, sledding and indoor tennis and golf are much much better

Skiing but I must say I haven’t snowboarded

i dont know

i have never done them

I agree with this guy. ^


skiing is better if you have the ski poles, if you don’t have the ski poles I’d say their about equal because snowboarders have to unbuckle a boot before a lift and re buckle it after a lift.

Last I remembered though, you can do a rail or a 360 on a tennis racket.


Snow tubing is really underrated.

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Ski don’t @ me


Skiing, also could you add a poll?

Skiing. In fact I’m skiing next week.

Awesome! Where are you going?

My family is going up for the weekend. We’re gonna try and go to a different mountain each day. Hunter-Wyndham-Catamount.

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