Skiing or Snowboarding

Ski season is upon us. So id like to know if yall like Skiing or Snowboarding better.

Im a skier personally what are yall?

Probably the thing Brody does

none of them. i hate snow.

Then why are you in Germany

because i can’t move out. i’m still 16.

Where are you even gonna go then?

@KGJT-9149 youre a snowboarding boi right?

somewhere with no snow

well snow isnt even that bad, like what, you gonna move to turkey or something?

i might move to lanzarote someday… or gibraltar.

Yes. I snowboard

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May I suggest Bermuda?:bermuda::bermuda::bermuda::bermuda:

Skiing superiority :skier:🧛🏽‍♂:bermuda:

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You guys don’t even get snow. In that sense, tiny island is terrible.

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I’m not on Bermuda right now, I’m in the US, and I can confidently say Beaches are better than snow and mountains

You guys don’t even have a beach with an ocean m, in that sense Overrated state sucks

beaches suck, snow and mountains are better


No, we don’t have an ocean, but we have some beaches along the Colorado. We actually even have surfing.

No that is where you’re wrong

“Beaches” aren’t on rivers or lakes.

It’s a bank or somethin

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Since I don’t do either snowboarding nor skiing, Idk

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