Skate Stuff (Wheely boi's)

Just any sort of ice skate, roller skate, skateboards most importantly…

Pictures are welcome…videos also
also WHO IS THE BEST SKATEBOARDER? comment below and give ur opinion

Big air time boi’s

Nice! do you know who that is?

Somone from free pik :smirk:

uhhhhhh okayyy??
i shld make it so every1 hast to put only their own pics and vids on


we shld make a pets thread coz that is a major need!

Skateboarding New Zealand is in the process of selecting a New Zealand skateboard team as part of our campaign for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and beyond. Stay tuned for updates as our selection process progresses.

Are you new to the community too?

hostile only got invited today coz i met them in the cars stuff chat lol

Hey there; yea boi i am



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Blunt to melon grab mid-shot

This seems like a wheely nice topic


they be trippin @HATS_off_to_piolits

oh hecc; my dude didnt fall off the a rock but:

Nice! sick vids bro

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