Show me your Clash of Clans base

Title explains it all, I just got back into playing yesterday after like a year and a half cause everyone in my school started playing again as well. Like 4/5 max for builder base and very under leveled in main village but here u go.

Normal village:

Builder base:

Also thought that if enough ppl play here maybe we could do a clan or sum

didnt juegos play this, or was that the other one

I deleted that a year ago after having it for 5
It just sat there

i dont care about these map games, if you know me youd know that i find these stupid as hell

Dawg U from Bonaire. Nobody knows where that is, opinion irrelevant.

No you’re not, and that doesn’t matter

Eh why should your opinion even matter, you treat :shopping_cart:i like a god

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My opinion worth 10x more because it’s true

It’s not true either

It’s very true, u jus don’t like people to have fun, I’m having a lot of fun playing clash of clans cause I spend like 5 mins on it then don’t open it for like 6 hours, think of it like those idle games, it’s baiscly The Godfather of those

Looks like a stupid clicker game

Yeah it may look like one but it actually doesn’t play like one at all, your just idle when you don’t need to attack, you pretty much only play when you attack

Ooh yea I LOVE to play stupid games where you “farm” coins or whatever, and the fighting doesn’t make sense

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It make sense if you play through the 7 min tutorial lmao, as I said you down like under 15 mins a day on the game, it is literally the perfect game for in between classes

No, it’s basically a game for kids lol

If you think otherwise, how do you even attack people in that stupid game

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Mf YOU ARE A CHILD LMAO, you can’t call things childish if you are still a child yourself. Also pretty much every game is marketed or most popular with kids, Cod, apex, fortnite, Rex room, GRa, and many more

You act like one, you even admitted it

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Some I’ve not heard of here, but the ones I know suck

GRa was meant to be GTA but autocorrect sucks

And apparently I can’t say pss off, that kinda sucks

Rex room is meant to be Rec room, it’s basically a more advanced version of VR chat with games in it