Short Final 20R @ KSNA

Just a few pictures I got on my iPhone 8 while walking past John Wayne/Orange County Int’l Airport the other day on Main Street for a Photography Project at school (the edited ones from Lightroom are a lot better but I don’t have it rn)

Yeah. That’s pretty much it. Although the moon is in a few of these pictures so that’s cool.

A private Jet about to land

A Southworst B738 and B737 (lol it’s a joke I fly them Wednesday even though I never have before so let’s see how that flight goes)

Next we have ASA flying their E175L

Lastly a Cessna puttering to the runway with part of the Unincorporated Area in the backdrop

Ok idk why uploading pictures makes them more blurry than they already are lol
Well thanks for stopping by!


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