Shafran's Aircraft collection

My Aircraft collection as working Flight Attendant!

Hello community, I would like to show you, my aircraft collection.
Since I’m working as a flight attendant in Pobeda I’ve got a lot of planes, there are some planes I’ve got from companies.

Let’s begin!

  1. This is a Airbus A320 Rossiya “Sport Livery”

  1. This is Boeing 737-8 Rossiya

  1. This was a Boeing 777-300ER Rossiya too.

  1. This is Airbus A320 Aeroflot

  1. This is being 777-300ER Aeroflot

  1. This was my airline when I’m working, a low-cost Pobeda. Boeing 737-800 NG!

  1. This is Boeing 737-800 Pobeda too, but my workspace, my soul…

I think you're enjoyed, so have a good day/night.


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Hey Shafran! Beautiful planes! But this should go here:


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Beautiful planes Shafran. As mentioned by @GBKarp it should go on the topic mentioned above!

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Those planes look great Shafran but please continue in the topic mentioned by @GBKarp.

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