SAS Retires It’s Last A340

SAS Retires It’s Last A340

SAS, Scandinavian Airlines is officially retired its last Airbus 340 aircraft. It was one of the most important aircraft in their fleet for a long time, as it serves almost all of their transatlantic routes to the United States. The aircraft is OY-KBM and it is 19 years old.



dang, end of an era for SAS. Whenever I went spotting I would see them coming from CPH and they would always be a nice 4 engined aircraft to see. Shame to see them go.

No my goal was to spot one :sob:

This un-made my day, master :cry:

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I am lucky to have seen A340s but that would’ve been so much better

rip sas A340

I am glad that I saw one in San Francisco then.

I saw one recently on FR24. It flew from Copenhagen to Tucson, AZ and was then ferried over to Marana Pinal airport for its final resting place :sob:

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I remembrance of the SAS A340

Rip A340

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That’s sad… I really live the 340 would hate to see it go

I’ve been there. Looks like I might need to take a trip back down to AZ.

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