Remove ugly blue mode

no need to explain. vote if you want.

simple request. voted

that theme is truly an abomination

my eyes can’t see it without crying

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I love blue mode, it’s a masterpiece!

don’t reply if you like it

I’ve never used this mode until now. My eyes are dying.


i agree

I think you mean you are feeling Blue :wink:

why aren’t you voting?

I… I…

That is cheesy but accurate.

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Now I have. :slight_smile:

I also voted, the color coordination is hurting me!

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who even had the idea of this?

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a feature request that has a time limit… weird

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yes, #BlueModeFTW!!!

get out.

I honestly do not care about blue mode

Would it be wrong to say I use to use blue mode :joy:

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And do you like it?

Uh :sweat_smile:

Why does it even matter, it’s not like your forced to use it.

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