Reliving Space Shuttle Nostalgia! (Repost from IFC)

Well hello WFC! This a repost from the IFC ( (I reposted this to know if I should keep this project going)

I don’t know any space nerds on the forum, but I hope I already attracted them to this thread!

Today I was thinking about the old Space Shuttle, and came up with idea of landing it using the HAC (if you don’t know any of this I highly suggest you watch this , because nothing in my video will make sense), I tried and failed, then tried and failed, then tried and slightly failed. Win for me!

Anyway in with the post, my video (which is terribly edited) is not 1000% realism; yes I started the HEC late, yes I descended at Mach 2, yes I decelerated at 3000g’s and yes I did break most, if not all, laws of physics.

Please note that I do not fly well, so yes I landed not on centerline!

Now let’s just have fun, lay back and watch the vid!

*yes I edited that badly if you want good videos check out: @Alexander_Nikitin on the IFC

Credits where credits due:,


Flight: KTTS - KTTS
Time: 50mins
Server: Solo
Aircraft: F22

Hope you learned something!

Reason I’m reposting:

  • Keep this project (using different sims etc.
  • This project is boring

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Amazing! Congrats! The landing is very good!

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