Red Or Blue Side Of The Star Wars Plane?

United Star Wars Livery

I don’t know, I thought that should be a fun topic as the plane I think is already out of its Star Wars theme.

Inspired By: Waiting for my plane at KBZN 8/29/20

  • Red Side
  • Blue Side

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Blue side for da win

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OGs of Star Wars know what the blue means

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@CaptainZac Please have a both in the poll. They both look :hot_face:

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I might have to go for the blue!

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Oh well. I’m voting red

Blue side

No both, you have to pick one

I choose red. But they are both :hot_face:. I 1000000000000000000000% love it.

@Stellar_G we need to team up against @CaptainZac, @Adrian_K1, @NathanD, @GBKarp


U will never win

@Stellar_G we are falling behind. @anon94363592 is now a rebel

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red looks sick imo. Very rare for me to take red over blue :joy:

Me particularly, I really don’t watch Star Wars lol. But I caught her before the repaint in September!

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I remember going to SNA for the 9pm arrival last year
It was SoCal “cold” too
Everyone just at the Terminal C parking garage waiting and those of us on the top deck probably seemed like a threat because of the hoodies lol

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Very close vote up there!

Lol, I just made it a tie

I’m a jedi

YES!!! The teams are

Jedi: @CaptainZac, @Adrian_K1, @NathanD, @GBKarp, @anon94363592, @Canadian_Aviator, @IF787, @Robertine, @KTJ_Mitchell, @MJP_27, @Aviation2929.
Empire: @Zhopkins, @Stellar_G, @Alec, @Blitz, @Californian_Aviator, @Austrian001, @Mateo_Botha, @KSS, @Captain-787, @Brody_Swiatek.

As of now the Jedis are winning 52% to 48%.

All empire I am your leader Zhopkins. You WILL refer to me as Kylo Ren. You MUST attack Jedis.

All Jedis @CaptainZac is your leader. You WILL refer to him as Master. He makes the decisions.


@CaptainZac what do you want to be called?