Red Air MD-80 Crashes in Miami

Yesterday, at about 5:30 it was reported that an Red Air MD-80 caught fire upon landing at MIA. Not much is known but all are alive. Only a few are injured. HI1064, operating Flight 203, was on a scheduled passenger flight from Las Américas International Airport to Miami Airport. Prior to landing, it is speculated that it hit an antenna cable before landing.



I still feel really sad for the people that run the airline and that MD-80…

Hope they can still fly again.

After that crash that’s 2 planes that they have so unless they pick up something fast then they may go bust bc that flight was full

The reputation is a problem, not really their amount of planes. Such a shame, bad luck I guess.

And it’s June, this probably wont be the worst that’ll happen, lmao.

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they could take some from LASER (since they own the airline basicaly)

No, take PAWAs, that’s where some of their Maddogs came from anyways.

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nah i dont think they took from PAWA

they take from LASER

jetphotos picture

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Pretty late but okay lol.

Pretty late but okay lol.

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A left main gear collapse caused it to veer off the runway and hit a radio antenna. It didn’t hit an antenna prior to landing


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