Ready For Pushback Podcast | An Update

Hello all! I know you’re really curious what is going on with the applications. As I’m sure you could tell, right now we are focusing on the voice applications first, and then we will continue onto the text applications. Please stop sending me messages about when your application will be ready. Again, I gave most people the estimation of about 2 to 3 weeks… And I know that deadline is quickly approaching. I would like to point out that this deadline might be correct, but it might not be. We are working around the clock to try to get everyone’s interview in, and then edited. Starting now, interviews will be put in groups of two, if you do not complete your interview by your deadline, your interview will be discarded. He will not be given a second chance. This is purely because we cannot be waiting for you as we do a lot of planning for each interview. This is not how we want to be with this, but too many people have turned in interviews too far late. We need these interviews in by the time we say. Most of the time these interviews are published on Saturdays, that means that we want to have your interview in by no later than Friday at 1 PM. If it is later than Friday at 1 PM, your interview will be discarded. Thank you all. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM… My inbox is always open.