Ready For Pushback - @GBKarp! (Interview #3)

With @GBKarp!

Welcome to ready for pushback! We would like to welcome our third guest on to the show! If you would like to apply do you have an interview, please visit the thread which is linked here . Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

  1. What got you into playing flight simulators in the first place? Is there any inspiration behind it?

I have always loved aviation, and while I can’t pilot a plane, flight simulators are the best by far.

  1. Who is your aviation hero, who do you look up to and want to be like as an aviator?

The dad of one of my friends is a pilot, currently a 747 copilot. He is my inspiration.

  1. What is your favorite aviation related movie?

I don’t really have a favorite aviation movie, but I liked the Sully one.

  1. Based on your profile picture, you have just acquired the CEO of a virtual airline. What airline was this, and how has it affected you?

It is a lot of work to become a CEO, the other day I spent 4 hours on doing routes, and that’s normal. But I really like Finnair Virtual, everyone there is amazing.

  1. Other than infinite flight, what hobbies do you have in life?

I also like to play tennis, but I’m not that good.

  1. What is your favorite airline, why? Has it affected you in anyway?

I really like Gol, I always fly with them inside Brazil and in the region.

  1. What was your last flight before the pandemic? When do you think you will feel safe to travel again?

My last flight was from Miami to Campinas, the return from my vacation in January. I think it will be safe to return flying in July next year.

  1. If you could choose any place to fly to in the world, right now, name the airline, plane, and destination you choose (it does not have to be realistic)

I would love to fly from Sao Paulo to Singapore in a Singapore A380.

  1. What is your favorite type of aircraft? Why?

I really love the 787, it is so modern and silent, and the wings look amazing. I love Boeing, all of the planes are amazing, except the Max, but that will change soon hopefully.




Great Interview. Good answers given.

Solid Interview! Great Job @GBKarp!


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