Ready For Pushback: An Aviation Interview Hosted By The WFC (Application)

Ready For Pushback - Aviation Interviews

The ready for pushback interview program is built to give aviators the ability to share their thought about aviation with the world and right here. We are going to have to formats. Some interviews will be conducted through text, here on the WFC. Other interviews will take place via voice on CaptainZac YouTube channel. They will not be live interviews, rather someone sending a voice memo end of themselves answering the questions and giving your thoughts. You will have the option to customize your experience with whatever you want and we accommodate to that. Anyone in the community is able to sign up. I encourage my fellow staff members to also sign up, as well as all of the members from you. I look forward to hearing from you, and enjoy!


Oh boy, do I’ve got lots to share. Sign me up, Zac!


Please use the link above to sign up!


I can’t read. :joy:


We’ve gotten a lot of sign-ups already! I’m looking forward to seeing more

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We already knew that lmao :joy:

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To everyone who has applied, please listen up

I know you will want to get your questions for the interview as soon as possible, and trust me, I want to get them to you. I have about 20 requests for interviews. I am in the process of making questions, and I’ve got about five of them done. I’m making unique questions for each person, so I’m not giving a generic set. Please know that your request has been submitted, I have received it, and you will be given a message within the next week regarding the situation. Thank you


Again, I’ve been getting plenty of messages about this. Please wait and I will help you eventually, it’s going to take some time for me to get everyone their specific questions, so please standby and I promise you will get your questions. Thank you