Random Word Game

Hey all!

We are getting ready to play a fun game with you all.

How it will work is it you will put one word in the form linked below. Just one word please. Please make sure it is appropriate, because if it is not appropriate, it will not be included. We also highly recommend that some of you put a conjunction (as, and, or) or words like a, the, his, her, or theirs. Once all of your single words are received, we will try to make a story out of what you sent us. Good luck!

Random Word Game


Can I put the word in or no.



:smiley: ok

Ok done :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well. Here is what I have done so far. The bold words are the ones you submitted. I used other (simple) words to help create a story. If anyone else wants to create a new story with these words, go ahead.

Yay! Zachary wanted to go to Colorado. Why? Her death from the Indian Army while she was doing her Physics. The word vamp is pretty cool because my dog was able to say it. Anyways, just a quick note from me, your ascendant.

Words: (word is a word submitted)


Is there going to be round 2?

mine is this but switch ascended with the banned word

i submitted the word word lol

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I wonder who put my name in there…

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Why don’t we play some more of this :tired_face:


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