Quiet GA Spotting Day @KARR

Why, hello there person who clicked on this topic!

Welcome to my latest spotting topic, and this time I have got a new airport and a whole bunch of new planes that I took photos of. That airport is KARR, or Aurora Municipal Airport just outside of Chicago, and is the same place I do my flight training. So, after my flight training for today I decided to spend an hour or so spotting, and while it wasn’t as busy due to the high winds, there was still a good amount of traffic to spot!

First up we have this Piper PA-31 which had just completed some pattern-work for the day at the airport:

Secondly, we have this Cessna 350 underneath the FBO facility preparing for its next flight:

Alongside the 350 is this Cessna Citation:

Arriving in after some flying over Northern Illinois is this other Piper PA-31:

And now a side-by-side picture of the two Piper’s (aircraft on the left is from the first image while the right one is from previous one)

Taxiing across Runway 9/27 we have this Piper PA-28:

Following shortly behind that we have this Vans RV-7 preparing to exit the runway:

Sitting on the ramp we then have this Cessna 172:

Then we have this Beechcraft Bonanza shortly after arrival:

And finally we have this Dassault Falcon 50 sitting at the ramp after arriving a few days prior:

Favourite photo:

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Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!


Wow grass is already greening up there.

Nice pictures!


April is quite a magical time of year here :slight_smile:

Thank you!


You just got snow last week :joy:

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Ooh love those pictures! Thanks for making my day a bit better by showing them lol.

Love that PA-31 a lot, that beige doctor killer is cool too, can’t decide which shot between those is really my favorite.

Cant wait for more!

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Glad you liked them! Don’t worry, there are plenty more coming, as I intend to come early or stay late to all my flying lessons which are all here, and which I do 2-3 a month. So maybe I won’t do all my sessions, but most definitely a compilation.

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Oh how cool!

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You make me proud John, next time I fly to Chicago, spot me :smirk:


Gotta love that cute lil Cape Air boi. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What if I were to, hypothetically, avoid doing that and instead go visit KARR again and take more pictures of all the Cessna 172’s that I want


Oh no don’t make him angry… :cold_sweat:


I have a question do you get Xojet at KARR?

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Occasionally, there is probably 1-2 Netjets / XoJet flights out of there every week

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