Questions Nobody Can Answer (Yet)

Here we go… I need help

  • does the universe go on forever?
  • (part b) if it doesn’t, what is at the end and if there is a “wall” what’s on the other side of it because there can’t be an “end” to everything
  • when did everything start, cause what was it before it started? Nothing could be here forever but there can’t ever be nothing… right?
  • does extra terrestrial life know we exist?

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It started at 0 seconds

There can be nothing. Just blank, white.

Yes, the universe is big.

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Why is it a building if it’s already built


Possibly. If other Civilizations are as advanced as we are, or maybe even more, there will be a chance that they find out about our civilization through the many space missions from now, one way or the other, sooner or later

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Question no one can answer

Why are mini M&Ms better than regular M&Ms when they’re made of the same ingredients?


If they find the Golden Record

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It’s because they add caramel to hide the impurities.


I said same ingredients.

This increase in surface area/volume ratio is likely why mini M&Ms seem so much sweeter! For each equal amount of candy, your saliva is able to make contact with more candy surface, dissolve more sugar, and deliver more “sweet” taste to your tastebuds!

totally didn’t use google or anything like that


Sure buddy

Now answer my question

Why is it a building if it is already built

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A building is constantly being upgraded and maintained.

Unless it’s abandoned, then what?

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Then it’s an abandoned build

Abandoned building

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What color is the mirror

Then it’s deteriorating, which is changing its appearance constantly.

Why is a boxing ring square

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Now that’s a question we can’t answer :rofl: