Qatar Airways Operates Inaugural Flight to Almaty

The Gulf carrier landed for the first time in Almaty today at 08:10 local time. Qatar Airways’ Airbus A320-200 aircraft will be used on the twice-weekly flight. It was operated by A7-AHY as QR391 and QR392 on the outbound and inbound legs respectively today.

Qatar Airways and the A320
There are currently 29 Airbus A320-200 aircraft in Qatar’s fleet. The 132-seat aircraft are commonly found on lower-demand routes across Asia, Europe and Africa.

Business class seats on board QR’s A320s. Credit: SimpleFlying

Qatar Airways, Central Asia and Recovery
QR391 will mark the first scheduled service by Qatar into Central Asia, a region that is previously unserved by the airline. Qatar Airways is undergoing a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic; there are already obvious signs that the process is now well underway, as the A380s have been brought back from storage and new routes like this one have been launched.

What do you think of Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight to Kazakhstan and its recovery? I believe that this is a good opportunity for the airline to expand its global footprint while ‘coming back’ from the pandemic.

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what the actual f-

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Yep, it is an A320. I’m serious, it’s not a widebody.

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