Publix vs ShopRite

ShopRite is in mainly New Jersey
Publix it’s mainly in Florida

The question is… what’s better?

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  • Publix
  • ShopRite

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I’ve only been in Publix from those two

And ngl thats my fav supermarket chain even above all in Brazil

ive never heard of these super markets before


Been here once, picked up a Ham Sandwich after a flight to Miami, good sandwich!


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Publix is awesome.

Except for the prices.

That’s odd… Publix isn’t that expansive in my area

Definetly, besides, not many options for decent food at 9:30pm :joy:

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Your also down south. My family owns a condo in Florida and Publix is super expensive there.

I have never heard of these two restaurants

They are like H-E-B.

What is HEB

A grocery store.

So it’s like Costco

But no subscription



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Never heard of these :joy:

Californians…am I right guys?

We have so many but not weird ones like those