Private jets at stansted

hi @PlanesAndGames
so hey guys
so there were a few private jets at stansted so i went down there


are my eyes about to see private jets in this topic - probably
do you care - no
when was this - july

Firstly, we see this cool dark bloo boi

next, an airbus for @TheGlobalAviator

next, i switched to the expert server and found this cool plen

why is there a tongue on this plane wth

guess the airplane type of this grey one

and finally a jet from somewhereville, in the republic of a place

this day on the expert server got me 4 violations in total
golf oscar oscar delta bravo yankee echo


wth lmao :rofl:

It is the private plane of the rock band “Rolling Stones”.

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They should’ve painted it black, if you understand/get what I mean. :rofl:


Nice Photos!

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thank you

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