PocketRishi Explains How He Became A Popular YouTuber | Ready For Pushback Interview

Ready For Pushback Interview With @PocketRishi

Today, we have one of the most famous Infinite Flight Youtubers on the show today. We are so excited to have him with us, and we hope you enjoy. If you have any questions for him that you would like to be answered further, leave them below and if he sees this topic, he may be able to give you an answer. I think him very much for doing this interview, and without further ado… The interview is below


Dang!!! How did you get pocketrishi to agree?

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Asking can get you anywhere in life :wink:

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Great vid

Get Misha or Laura next :crazy_face:


Laura would be awesome.


Yess pliz

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When is another one of these coming?

You probably could have just PM’d Zac, no need to bump a two month old topic…

Like @KTJ_Mitchell said no need to bump this. I have already asked Zac about it and here is what he said. “I do have a life.” He will get it out when he can.