Pie Charts, Graphs and more on the WFC!

Hello all, I took the liberty of creating some graphs for you all :slight_smile:

I will try to update this thread with even more interesting charts and data :smile:

chart (6)

This chart shows the number of mods (on the left) to the user chart (Active, All, and Regulars)

The ratio is about 3:1 with actives, and 6:1 to all users

chart (7)

this is the growth of the WFC on users with trackable IP’s.

Don’t fret! this doesn’t mean the WFC is falling, these are new users, so on the contrary it’s actually rising!

That’s all the graphs I have for you now (making one now), feel free to make some below or show me some cool stuff to plot. Thanks!


Beautiful charts and info!

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You asked for it…


My work here is done :sweat_smile:

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I’m on the 25 Oct group

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Me too!

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Pretty impressive, to be honest. I think we may need to add “Graph Expert” to your name.


Your sign-up chart is actually quite accurate, by the way. The peak is slightly different as not all IP addresses are traceable, but for the information you have, it’s not far off!


Heads up, new chart!

I used everybody’s IP’s to locate them, obviously I hid where they are for privacy :slight_smile:


I was making a good Geo chart, but that went as well as you would expect.

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Thanks Didn’t have all the data tho

You should do one of these by state! (if possible)

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Yes, I could (potentially), I lll work on it :slight_smile:

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After ages of hot fixing (and mostly taking other stuff from Stack) I have done it :slight_smile:

Keep in mind if you don’t see your state that’s because i don’t write good code and probably missed yours (or was to lazy to find you IP) :slightly_frowning_face:

This one is on TL, pretty self-explanatory.


Wait… I’m very confused which moderator is from Massachusetts?

Toaster said he is from Massachusetts and DC

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Oh, right… forgot about that

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VA Gang :slight_smile:

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