PFVA is looking for staff (APPLIED TO THE IFVARB)

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So you may be wondering, what is pacifica virtual in the first place? Well, Pacifica Virtual Airlines (shortened to PFVA) is a virtual airline for the simulator Infinite Flight. It was first thought of on August 15th 2021 and preparations for the airline began soon after. We are not IFVARB approved as of yet but we hope to start operations some time in July 2022. You may wonder what has taken so long in the preparations. This is because we want to perfect all aspects of the airline to ensure it is a good airline to run and to be a staff member in.

pacifica hiring

Because we are not IFVARB approved, we cannot make a thread on the IFC yet, but we heard we can make a thread here so we are trying to attract members here so we have staff so the airline can run properly when it is approved

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Pacifica virtual strives to be one of the best virtual airlines flying in the IF skies. We try to do this by providing an active and friendly community for all our staff. For pilots, we try to operate recently reworked and improved planes to make the flying experience as seemless as possible

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So what jobs can i apply for? The jobs we currently have are

Job - Status

COO - CLOSED - A member of the IFC took this position

HR manager - OPEN

Chief pilot - OPEN

Events manager -OPEN

Recruiter - CLOSED - A member of the IFC took this position

Graphics Designer -CLOSED - A member of the IFC took this position

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  • Be at least 13 years of age in line with the IFC rules
  • Own a legally purchased copy of Infinite Flight Pro
  • Must not be on the IFVARB watchlist or blacklist
  • Must have an IFC account for communication
  • Must pass the official VA exam- (Depending on which role you are applying for questions will be different


  • Must be able to log at least 1 flight per fortnight
  • Level 2/3 violations (1 year) may not exceed 5 while landing to violation ratio cannot be higher than 0.5)

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so what are you waiting for! Join PFVA today!


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Isn’t Pacifica from FSX?

its gone now :sweat_smile:

no, this is a different one, an infinite flight one :slightly_smiling_face:

there is, but we are different from them :slightly_smiling_face:


please PM @lhr_pilot with the job you would like. :slight_smile:


Congrats and good luck with the VA tho!

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thank you

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bumping this thread.

Also, here is our application form if you are looking for a job with us, please fill it out if you are interested:

Also a question: Am I allowed to make an official VA account on this forum, it may make things a little bit more professional.

@PlanesAndGames would love a position!


Don’t joke
Just fill out an application with his information


Hi! However, we believe the user PlanesAndGames might not be intrested in a position at our virtual airline based on the off topic thread. However, If you are interested, either PM this account or the account of the owner/founder (@lhr_pilot).

Thanks for reading!

This post was created by @lhr_pilot

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no sh*t Sherlock

Nah but seriously I don’t play IF anymore (don’t wanna either) and I wanna remain neutral in the virtual VA wars so yeah


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