Palm Springs Air Museum

My family decided to go down to Palm Springs for thanksgiving, and no Palm Springs trip is complete without a visit to the Palm Springs Air Museum! So, without further ado, here are my best photos from this trip!

P-51 Mustang (I think)
A very pointy F-105 Thunderchief

An engine of the mighty B-17

One of my personal favorites, the MIG-21 :ru:

The timeless F-4 Phantom

An EA-6B Prowler

And I can’t forget the beautiful F-14

Something… Tell me if you know what it is

A very early full motion flight sim. It was used to train pilots to fly using only their instruments

And finally, the Vought F-4 Corsair

That’s it, hope you enjoyed my mediocre photography skills

I took all of these with my iPhone XR so the quality is somewhat less than professional…


Very cool! Haven’t been to that museum in a while, it’s a cool one!




I went to an air museum but it’s New England Air Museum


They don’t make em like they used to…

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I think the last one is a F4F Corsair!

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Indeed it is!

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I was there before COVID! It was absolutely wonderful and I do not regret going there. (There was also a flight sim, which was very nice)

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Unfortunately it was closed :cry:

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WHAT!? :pensive: I wish that was fake news.

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Not permanently, just bc of COVID

Oh thank god. Good good.

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@system is too sensitive :joy:

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