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I’m going to finally enter the flight sim pc era and leave infinite flight ALONE very soon, so I’m still thinking of sticking with P3D but I want to hear your opinions guys about MFS or X-Plane being better blah blah!

I was about to get P3D, but it’s basically a ship with a hole in it, you already know its gonna sink eventually.

Also, who wants to pay $100 for a 757, and $25 extra for a single engine variant? or $50 extra for a freighter variant?

And yeah like I said, it’s pretty much dying, so…

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essay time

I have no idea what you’re looking for from a PC flight sim, but here’s some of the stuff i thought of when I left infinite flight last year

P3D has got significantly more freeware addons than later versions of X-plane and mfs. I know this because I use the rather similar FSX, and many of their addons are cross-compatible. The downside of both P3D and FSX is they’re old. For FSX, windows XP is a minimum system requirement. X-plane and msfs2020 and later are all the rage nowadays.

Here’s the obligatory x-plane vs msfs. X-plane runs better for me over msfs2020, but neither have the prementioned variety of freeware aircraft. One thing I do like the most of msfs2020 is the graphics. while there’s a lot to be desired on my device in terms of graphics performance, things like satellite imagery and the skies (still not as good as DCS, imo) are better than that of x-plane. X-plane though seems to focus more on the aircraft. In my ~20hrs with the default 737, it feels better to operate than the default A20N of MSFS. Said 737 also has more liveries of real world airlines than that of the MSFS A20N.
So in their largely stock configurations, X-plane = better aircraft and MSFS2020 = better graphics

also x-plane doesn’t need over 100gb of storage and hours upon hours of installation and later updates time


I’m looking predominately for a flight simulator, not an arcade type of game such as MFS or X-Plane is.
Now I know the fact that if P3D is heavily used for real world simulation in real life doesn’t grant itself the status of a prime “flight simulator” because as you stated, or someone from above, P3D turned from one of the most used flight sims for PC, in a ship with a hole in it, slowly sinking, in favour of a newer flight simulator, MFS.
I’m not willing to spend thousand of euros or dollars to make the sim look great, but MFS will inevitably
turn the same way, with developers begging releasing hundreds of add-ons costing expensive money, for the likes of PMDG and others.
For now, P3D is what I’m seeking for, realism across a good and large variety of add-ons, which at base very expensive, but every passion comes with a sacrifice. Thanks a lot for your response!

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