Online users on the main page

Just a request to add online users at the top of the main page. Kind of like what’s on AWW.

Cool idea. But I personally think this would fit in one of the WFC themes.

Simple request. I like it.

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There has already been a request for this. Zac has said he dosent want to copy AWW.

Here is what he PM’d me when I created a request a while back:
[…The reason is because we are not allowed to do anything that the GAC (AWW) has done for copyright reasons…]

I have 2 points on this:

  1. Fair enough. Copying isn’t right and I agree.

  2. I don’t know much about the behind the scenes Discourse things, but if it is an add on to Discourse officially, then there shouldn’t be an issue as it is technically allowed for use by anyone, if it requires coding as such and was designed as a non official kind of thing, then it makes sense.

In conclusion, personally I don’t think this needs to be added for another further 2 reasons:

  1. It is in GAC (AWW) and to avoid copyright infringement.

  2. We can see when specific users were last seen (online) on their profile, so it’s not a big loss if we don’t have it.

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Yeah, I don’t want this forum to copy AWW as well

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I closed this because yes while it is a Discourse plugin and anyone can use it, Aviators World Wide already has it and we are trying to stay unique. If you want to know when a certain user was last online just search them up and click on their profile. It may take longer but it’s not that hard.

Yes this plugin may save time but it’s pretty easy to just type in the World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 3) “Hello” and more than likely people that are online will reply.