One Big Melting Pot @KORD!

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I’m at KORD again…I know, your shocked that I visit the busiest airport within 45 minutes of me and the same airport that I have done several previous topics on, who would have thought?

Anyway, this isn’t a 5-page essay, this is a #real-world-aviation:spotting topic, so without further ado let’s jump into the Melting Pot that is Chicago O’Hare.

First up, this Eastern Airlines 767-300 flying in from Miami!

Next, this Cathay Pacific 777-300ER flying from Hong Kong!

Continuing in on the trend from Asia, this Korean 777-300ER from Seoul!

Next up, this United Express E175 coming from Oklahoma City!

Continuing with Embraer’s, this American Eagle E175 from Memphis!

Coming from Baltimore, this Southwest 737-700!

It ain’t an authentic KORD spotting topic from me without a MAX, so here to check that box and ensure @Zach enjoys this post, here is a United 737-MAX 9 coming from Denver!

Next, the Queen of the Skies coming from Frankfurt!

I call this one In-n-Out, an American 787-8 arriving from Athens and an Atlas Air 747-400 departing for Anchorage in the back!

Finishing off, this American Eagle E145 arriving from Lexington!

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I enjoyed it too 🥲👍


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I wish we got major foreign airlines here in Colorado.

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B…but our ORD agreement…

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Would be nice to see some more international action in Denver

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As stated, highest bidder

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Favourite photo : All of them

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10/10 for the Cathay

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Best part. :joy:
Awesome photos!

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Thank You!

My strategic decision has paid off

Thanks Ethan!

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Glad you like them!


Great photos! Love the E175, 747 and 777!

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Now I’ve gotta insert a United 777 into my pictures

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Thank You, and glad you liked it!

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Cool that you got the new Eastern flight.

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Oh no, that got cancelled, this was a special one-off

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I’ll bid you even more max pics the next time I see them. :wink:

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Oh wow these pics are fire :fire:
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