Oh Bear... Not Deer

Alaska Airlines Plane Hits Bear On Landing

So if you don’t know with his going already, and Alaska airlines plane a few days ago ran into a bear on the runway. It happened on Alaska Airlines Flight 66, which was arriving from Cordova into Yakutat. The captain and Alaska Airlines said

“The nose gear missed the bears, but the captain felt an impact on the left side after the bears passed under the plane”

It was onboard a Boeing 737-700 aircraft owned by Alaska. According to CNN, the plane will be repaired before being put back into service, as well as wildlife experts coming to the airport to find out how this can be prevented going forward.


Rip Mishka


I remember seeing this on the news. I felt bad for the plane. Worse for the bear.


Gosh, that thing left a dent…

Okay so how would a bear be at a airport :joy:

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One word: Alaska

Why not have bear proof fences then?

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Dang, the bear was spotting for the first time… I feel so bad for that bear… :pleading_face:


true there are 2 states that need bearproof airports. Alaska and Idaho.

Yes. Read the article at the end of the topic.

Rip bear


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