Official Space Force Headquarters TBA in 2021 (Announced!)

I came across this article talking about the newest branch of the US Military- The Space Force.

They have narrowed down their search for the new headquarters to 6 states including: Nebraska, New Mexico, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and Alabama. Their decision is expected to be announced in early 2021.

Here is the article for further and more specific information:

Where do you think their HQ will be?

  • New Mexico
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • Nebraska

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I personally think New Mexico has a good shot but also Texas and Florida because of the NASA facilities.


I’m happy because San Antonio is the only city in Texas to be on the list.

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Colorado- you have a bunch of USAF things out there. As the Space force is kind of the younger cousin of the USAF could make sense, especially in Colorado Springs

Florida- You have the Kennedy Space Center. you also have that place called Port Canaveral which is SUPER big with Space Travel, makes sense for a nice base.

Texas- Similar to Florida, except this time it is Houston with NASA and mission control there, so makes some sense to put a base there too.

Alabama- Bunch of Rockets and stuff are found here, like building and stuff so I could see this working as logistics would not be an issue for a base here.

New Mexico- Worlds first spaceport was there. Some good infrastructure to begin with for the brand new branch of the Military! Makes sense for a base especially if they want to utilize existing resources.

Nebraska- A lot of Corn fields…so there is a lot of space to build a base there I guess? Could be interesting to see as a base.

My opinions though!


Yeah each state has its own chances really :joy:
We’ll see soon enough!

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I have no idea.

Colorado then

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I personally think that they would choose Florida because that’s where Kennedy space Center is. That’s where most if not all of the Rockets are launch from so that would be probably ideal I would think

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@GBKarp and @CaptainZac yeah I have no 100% confident guess :joy:

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This oughta be at Patrick AFB, been there myself. Not too far from Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

If it were at Peterson AFB, current NORAD HQ, it would be a prime target if war broke out, that place is key to national aerospace defense, especially if USSF ended up having it as its HQ. If Peterson went offline our aerospace defense would be crippled and most of the weight would probably end up on AFGSC, HQ’d in Louisiana.

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I didn’t know about some of these places :joy:
Haven’t researched many
Idk where it’ll be. A lot of these states have NASA facilities so I’m assuming that’s why they are on the list maybe

Do you guys reckon Space Force would be possibly building their own launch facilities? or a space port… :sweat_smile:

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What if it’s actually on the moon lol
They probably will build their own, but these states have connections to past and present space missions so that’s why I assume these states are on the list


well idaho has had its time to shine i guess.

Lol I totally forgot about this topic

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Well only 1 person guessed the new location right :joy:
Space Force New HQ is: Huntsville, Alabama!
Did not expect that state to be picked

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I picked that


No you didn’t :joy:
Not originally

I was joking lol

No I know lol

I just wanted to say lol

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