Norwegian Ends ALL Long Haul Operations & Retires 787

Norwegian Ends ALL Long Haul Operations & Retires 787

Norwegian, a low-cost carrier from Europe has been prominent in operating low cost, long-haul operations across the Atlantic ocean destinations like Fort Lauderdale, New York, and Los Angeles. News broke this morning that they will be retiring their Boeing 787 and they will be ending all long-haul operations.

This is a sad day for the industry, As we see that this airline is really struggling to even stay in business and cutting the long-haul routes is the only way it’s going to be able to stay alive. The good news, however is that not all transatlantic operations will stop.

While most flights to some smaller destinations like Providence, Rhode Island may resume when the 737MAX starts flying for the airline again.


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Dang, I remember seeing these all the time at ORD, saw one get delievered when I went to Washington, real shame to see these go. There will never be something like the bright red at the front of the Dreamliner found on Norwegian aircraft.

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I flew on LN-LNK and LN-LNX and have a model of LN-LNI, so these jets are very close to my heart.

Why can’t coronavirus die in a hole?

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Sad noises


Sad to see Rednose no longer continuing routes on it’s 787. I wish you good luck in finding another airline.

Wow crazy
So weird seeing “787” and “retired” in the same sentence :joy:


Bad news: No more Norwegian in USA :sob::sob::sob::sob::pensive::pensive:

Good News: Less 787’s

Question: What will they do with the 787’s, there like 10 years old maybe :joy:

Boeing is better than Airbus


They are actually 8 years old. It will probably be sold to a airline that wants a 787 but at a lower cost.

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That’s you opinion lmao

Says the one who just voted for the 757 :joy:

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Im gonna say that their 787s might go to a big operator, perhaps AA or UA?

Could be
AA is taking Frontier’s old A319s since they consolidated to all A320s

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I’m thinking that it will go to a smaller airline.

Bru, Frontier has one left :joy:

Only 1 :joy:

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R.I.P all of KDEN’s international routes.