Nordwind Way | @UUEE - URFF

Hello! I flew today from UUEE (SVO) to URFF (SIP).

ICAO Dep-Arr: UUEE (Sheremetyevo) - URFF (Simferopol)
Flight Time: 3 hours
Server: Expert
Aircraft: B777-200ER

Let’s begin!

This is B772 departure from Sheremetyevo)))

Zoomed type

Into the skies

A B777-300 Aeroflot (OLD)

On the way to Simferopol

On final URFF

View from cockpit

Touchdown at URFF

De-boarding PAX

Hope you enjoy that edits, see you soon!


Those are sick ASF!

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Post on IFC immediately. Those are excellent!

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I can’t. Posting photoshopped pics at IFC aren’t allowed

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