New World Flying Community Game Vote

We are looking to implement a new big topic to the forum. Below are two options that you can vote between four which will be used. I will explain in more detail what each one is and how it will work.

The Great Face Reveal
Anyone who would like to do a face reveal would send me a picture of you in a PM. Then, anyone who sent a picture in will be added to a giant PM where you will guess who is who. Names will not be revealed for whose face it will be, but I will figure out who the closest person was and they will win a prize.

Discourse Sings

Thanks @GBKarp

This one is a little bit harder to explain, so please check the video link for more information on this.

  • The great WFC face reveal
  • Discourse Sings

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Thanks for voting and let the most voted one win!


It would be unpatriotic to not vote for my idea

But I have to admit the other is pretty solid


I have seen videos of that. I’ve always wanted to partake in one.


I’ve done one but with a small YouTuber


eh… I don’t wanna reveal my face… nor do I know music…

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“Face Reveal”
H*** no.
I’d be tortured for ever.


I think a better name would be “World Singing Community” :joy:

That works but I still prefer discourse Sings cuz discourse is close to discord

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Like ever? That’d be so weird assuming it was someone else :joy:

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Me, @Zach, @Adrian_K, @anon94363592, and @CaptainZac already being ahead of the curve it seems!


I did eenie meany miny mo

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I absolutely love that

Not that much the result tho

That’s worrying me… let me guess, face reveal is winning?

Coin flip time.


But his eenie meanie made him vote face reveal

All right everyone. I’m gonna cut the vote here. Tonight both games are going to be set up. If you voted for the face reveal, you will be added to a PM with me asking for the picture and then I will make the collage tonight. For those who voted for Discourse Sings, A topic will be posted by me in a little bit. Thanks.