Never Have I Ever!

Hello and welcome to the WFC’s first edition of Never Have I Ever! Here you will be able to create polls about certain things you want to know and see people’s responses!


  • You can not offend anyone

So I’ll start!

Never have I ever crashed in a flight simulator in front of other people

  • Of course I have!
  • I don’t want to talk about it
  • No I haven’t
  • I know how to fly, duh

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When you crash at the FNF hub

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I don’t remember if it was FNF, but I crashed in Guernsey when it was GA day, I think it was FNF

When I disengaged autopilot my plane tipped down and actually I landed a -2000fpm landing 2nm before the runway

Never have I ever flown an A350 across the globe

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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What about half the globe?

Stalled a heavy MD-11 on takeoff lol

half the globe does not count

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Yeah, around the world twice in one session lol

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Never Have I ever Flown IRL and trying to butter and you give the ground a good smack:

  • Yes
  • Maybe Idk I dont want to talk about it
  • kinda sorta it wasnt that bad it was just alittle rough.
  • No I never have I always butter.
  • Nope never flown IRL in a plane and landed.

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I smacked a C172 down kinda hard ngl

Never have I ever been on a plane that made a ryanair landing IRL

  • I have
  • I have not

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I know this in IF but The worst feeling is when you flare a good chunk of the runway trying to get a smooth landing and then smack the runway way too late. You sacrificed all that runway and didn’t even get a smooth landing.

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IRL nothing is better than when you gotta get the shimmy fixed on a C172 bc you tried to steer while going to fast I almost got whiplash.

Rip like limit, yeah that must suck.

I thought I haven’t but I was wrong! When the main gear touched down I didn’t feel anything I just saw the spoilers being deployed, the problem was when the nose gear touched… dang, that landing was very, VERY hard! :joy:

Edit: I did feel the main gear touch down, but it wasn’t very hard (but wasn’t butter.)

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hmm, never have I ever rode in an acrobatics aircraft IRL :eyes:

I have ridden in a Extra 300 a couple months back with a company out by KHND!

  • Yes I have!
  • No I have’nt

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@Blitz, I may have to delete that post due to the fact that everyone has done it. It’s hogging up our thing because literally everyone’s done that. I mean, it’s like getting born, everyone has that exact same situation at that exact same airport in the exact same airplane. Duuuhhhh

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Oh yea, sorry bout that. Forgot everyone flew an aerobatic aircraft :joy:

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Correct lol :joy::joy::joy:

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I know someone who has missed a flight, but I always show up to the airport at least two hours early, because that is literally my biggest fear in the world