NEO vs. MAX battlefield

It has to be done

This will be done in an orderly fashion, one team makes a statement, and the rest debate about it (or however it goes)

Please keep everything appropriate.

  • NEO
  • Max

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y tho
everyone knows the MAX is better

NEO make your opposing statement


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I am not a part of either team. I’m team A220 so I guess I’ll sit this one out.

Haha @PlanesAndGames.

I’m all in for the NEO

Boeing flight decks are simple

i have been trying to understand the Airbus flight deck for more than a month

Boeing flight deck went into me in 2 days

The A320 NEO wasn’t rushed and isn’t rested outdated tech.


You mean the plane where everything is all smashed together and very organized in The Neo

I’m not on any side, however I slightly like the MAX more.

The A320NEO family is cheaper, and a bit more efficient, so that’s a plus for airlines. And airbus cabins are better for the passengers, as they’re wider and less sloped.

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The neo family also has a higher average range than the MAX. I would argue that the A321LR and XLR are NEOs so adding those in, the average is quite higher (315.5nm to be exact).

MAX Range

MAX7: 3850nm
MAX8: 3550nm
MAX9: 3550nm
MAX10: 3300nm

AVG: 3564.5nm

NEO Range

A319neo: 3700nm
A320neo: 3400nm
A321neo: 3500nm
A321LR: 4100nm
A321XLR: 4700nm

AVG: 3880nm

As an A220 fan, I’ve also gotta point out the fact that the A220 has a comparable average range to the neo and slightly higher than the MAX of 3624nm.

Well…let’s see

@KTJ_Mitchell @Jacob_Layton @Zhopkins: All 3 of us have clear support to the MAX

@GBKarp voted for the MAX over the NEO, and also is in this thread, so I think he leans this way

@Z-Tube leans Boeing, so I’m also guessing he leans MAX

@ToasterStroodie yeah…I have no clue for him

@Adrian_K he has the Team Airbus badge, so I’m guessing he likes the NEO

@CaptainZac is the only Moderator who has actually shown clear support for the NEO over the MAX


Airbus is LIFE


Even the NEO over the MAX?


Yaesss OFCCC

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okay, get out :joy:


The only aircraft I like more from Airbus is the A350-900. The MAX crushes the NEO any day, at least for me.


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