NEO Appreciation Thread

Talks about the Amazing Neos Here!

Image Credit: Bro’s Aviation YT

The neo sucks

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jk the engines are really quiet

XLR is the best of the “neos”. Still like the A220 better tho.

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Never ever posted in the MAX appreciation thread and here I am at the NEO.

What does that say?

Airbus is better.

Boeing is good.

But Airbus is better imo

That’s it Neo better than MAX.

That’s my opinion.

The end.



Alright, u have started a war

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I join @Errigal team!

Neo is ok.

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The NEO, while it is quiet, the seats are very cramped

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neo crap

the ones with PW1000 engines
i like them with CFM LEAPs

the LEAP’s look beautiful on the NEO
and also on the MAX

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Correction, NEO.

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NEO has

Long range
New fancy quiet engines

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MAX has



this is the NEO appreciation thread, not the MAX appreciation thread

go to your own boeing fanboy page

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*your post is off topic @RileyBozina * This is NEO appreciation thread.

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Not as far though. The NEOs have a farther average range.