Need advice on simulator software please

Hello everyone. I am buying a b707 flight simulator setup as its what i will be learning in my modular course. However, i also need to fly in piper warrier 3 and diamond 42 in my training course. I am wanting to know what the best software is to use. Moat people say x plane is the best but some others say microsoft ia the best. But i need to learn in all 3 types of planes and i want to know what software is best to get or shouls i get both? X plane 12 is supposed to be coming out this month but they keep delaying their release date. I just really need some advice on the best software to get or whether i should get both. I need it as realistic as possible please and i need professional advice on what software to get. I may go for x plane 11 until 12 comes out but im just not sure on what i should go for. Any help would he greatly appreciated pleaze as i want to study in advance before i start my modular course and i need software that is very realistic and most up to date. Thank you all.

Hey, welcome to the WFC.

Laminar currently has a deal where if you buy XP12 early access, you get a copy of XP11 included for free. This is only for the digital download, but it’s probably the best deal. I’ve currently got XP11 and I think it’s a great sim. I’ll probably be buying XP12 when it comes out too.

In general, go X-Plane if you value physics accuracy over scenery, go MSFS2020 if you value out-of-the-box scenery quality over physics.


Hello. Thanks for the fast reply. The current setup is 32gm ram. 2070 gpu and i7 processor but I’m buying it second hand and will be upgrading to i9 processor and asus strix rtx 3090. I want it to be as realistic as possible. Xp12 isn’t released yet and I don’t know how to apply for the early release. Are you able to help me send a link please so I can have a look? I don’t see much point in buying xp11 now if xp12 will be released soon but there’s no conformed date of when it will be released and I want to start training in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

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Well, like he said, if you buy XP11, you will get XP12 for free, which is true.

No, it’s the other way around according to everything that I’ve read.

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Here you go:

I’m not sure if XP12 Early Access is out yet, but everything that I’ve read has suggested that it’s just days away.

In regards to your PC’s specs, you’ll be able to run XP no problem. They seem a bit higher speced than what I run and I don’t really have much in the way of issues.

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Me waiting for XP12 to release to fly that sweet looking Citation


your PC explodes

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I’m looking forward to some actual weather cycles and animations.


Laminar A330 looks pretty solid I must say


No, I don’t think so.

Read the article or just look at the highlighted sections of the screenshot of the article (which is by Laminar btw).

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Thanks everyone for your input. It is really appreciated as i am a novice. I havent started studying yet as i start my course next year but i just want a head start to study theory and get some experience with the simulator so i am more confident in the classroom. Its 6 months in uk and 7 months in florida. So i want to do all i can so i am fully confident when i start my modular. I really do hope xp12 comes out soon as i want the latest software. I know that my rtx strix 3090 will get rather hot but i will have water cooling and theres no need to overclock as the stock specs are good enough for what i need. I may upgrade the ram to 64gb but it depends on the performance of my computer. But i will update you all when i finally get the simulator delivered and you can all comment on quality or if you believe it needs additional upgrades i would really appreciate some knowledgeable advice. Thanks everyone

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