My First Official Flight! - KLGA to KDCA ~ American A320neo

Hello everyone! After only a couple of days of owning MSFS, I decided now is a great time to do my first official flight (Gate A to Gate B). I flew the little hop over from LaGuardia to Regan in an A320neo. Enjoy!

At the gate in a Snowy LaGuardia!

Successful pushback

Take a chance to admire the beauty of the Throttle Quadrant (Mostly because I forgot to take a pic while taking-off)

Climbing over Hamilton Heights!

A Very Icy neo

We interrupt your cruise to look at this inconspicuous joystick.

Cutting to the start of AP Disconnect and the following of the Potomac!

I Spy… The Captiol!

A very nice landing after a very hard approach…

Deboarding after my very first solo (don’t tell that to the passengers…)

Thanks for Viewing!


Wow, these photos are amazing. Especially the ones with the throttle quadrant and that control stick, well done

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Stunning photos, Stellar! :raised_hands:


They are just stunning

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I was about to ask how much that flight cost. That’s how realistic those pics are.

the acela is better to get to DC tho

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Thanks for clarifying @clayviation

@Nugget, yeah while flying it was really realistic, I think life needs a software update :joy:

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This is one of my favorite routes in MSFS, nice pictures

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These pictures are Stellar

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