My experience with Virgin Atlantic

he should wear some

That’s the case with many Premium Eco cabins, that’s why I sometimes prefer flying economy to it. Yes, I know, interesting choice.

fly first lmao

Ratio my JetBlue flight was better

If you’re not walking around they more comfy, he is sitting in a seat for 10 hours, short socks the move

Uh no, I’ve tried, it’s like hell

Any JB flight is worse

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Bad joke inbound…

Virgin Is the only airline where mile high club doesn’t happen.

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Haha very funny lol

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Wrong, JetBlue has more legroom and a better ife

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im offended by your sarcasm (jk).

Is not sarcasm though

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oh ok. Well thanks then.

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That’s a lie and the IFE in VS is identical to the Delta ones which are the best in the US imo.

Jet blues are better