My Custom X-Plane Liveries

I’ll post download links to my X-Plane 11 liveries here!

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As seen in the design your own aircraft/repaint thread, here is the download for the FlyDC Xpress E175 for the X-Crafts E175!

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Awesome!!! What system did you use to make it?

Just photoshop

You can paint planes in Photoshop? How do you get them to apply to the actual plane?

There is a 2D paint kit that you download that wraps itself around the aircraft for all of the textures

You export the png files to X-Plane 11\Aircraft(aircraft name)\liveries(livery name)\objects so with this livery it would be X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Embraer E175 v2.4 XP11\liveries\FlyDC Xpress\Objects

visible confusion

I know PHP and CSS… I have no idea what you are talking about :joy:

Would those folders be in the actual X-Plane folder where you would add the livery when it is downloaded?

and HTML and probably other frameworks

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You need to buy and download the aircraft first, then extract the FlyDC Xpress file to the livery file in the aircraft file

X-Plane liveries run off of a png image, you import the template .psd for the generic livery, edit the parts to edit, then export the liveries to the X-Plane 11\Aircraft(aircraft name)\liveries(livery name)\objects. Once that is done, start a flight with the livery, then press “shift+r” and it should add icons to your aircraft file next to the objects folder. Zip that folder into 7z or rar or whatever and export it

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