My cross country times

Read the title lmao. I’ll just post about runs I guess. Mainly 5k but I’ll note it if the distance changes. Other people can do the same I guess.

5k PB (as of Yesterday) 26:37. Pretty good for me consider my previous record was 29:52 and I haven’t ran a 5 k since November 2021 but I’ve been getting somewhat in shape.

Anyone wanna have a guess on what I was listening to while running?

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I ran XC last year was a lot of fun.

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no. Destroy Lonely

im doing again because I wanna to try to get a sub 25 min 5k

36:17 4 mile run yesterday. That’s my Pr for that distance

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25:30 5k at the Canterbury XC invitational

Fort got about this lmao but I finally got a sub 25 min time today. I ran a 24:54 with a rolled ankle lmao. I coulda got close to 24:30 if I didn’t roll my ankle the day before. Taking a few days of to heal now

A 24:54 5k or 3.2 mile run

forgot I had this lol. its my last week of cross country for high school and the my final race for XC are New England finals on Saturday. hoping for a PB but I could rlly care less, I just wanna be done wit XC for good. cause I aint doin this in college

Well the New England finals are tomorrow, lucky they location is only a 15 minutes drive from my school. Last year it was a 3 hour 30 min drive to mass

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Well I’m done with cross country for good now, I had my final race on Saturday and I got a 25:00 flat. Not my on but I could care less because I don’t He to run a 5k ever again. For the winter I’m just doing 3 days of the gym and 3 days of yoga a week. This also means that I only have one term left of high school sports. And with that I’m done, Cross country fukin sucks, do football instead

how do I close this jawn

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Upon request, see ya next season!