My Best IRL Plane Photos

Hello WFC!

I hope everyone you know and love is safe in this time of uncertainty. So let me in-light you with some photos from the airplane!

Keep in mind I haven’t flown in over 8 months due to covid so expect some new ones once it clears up.


N2029Y (My EAA chapter Presidents Plane) I have flown this 1960’s model C172 many times for some lunch. I love this plane!

2nd: (2 Pics)

Me doing a flight lesson in the OBX and my dad riding with me for the first time.


During my first flight to the the Greenbriar I got so lucky to see a Wheels Up Citation X and got to talk to the pilots while eating lunch! I also saw a Dassault Falcon there as-well.


This was my first flight in a tail dragger aircraft! N767TV also a member of my EAA Group it is a beautiful custom Vans RV-8. Sadly the man who owns this is not in good health at the moment and I hope he can recover so yall can see more photos!


This was my first ever flight lesson in the DA40 with Star Flight Training! My mom and grandma flew with me on that flight.

All of these are my photos

Stay Positive Stay Safe,


Amazing pics!

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That’s pretty cool. Some of my IRL friends that I go/went to school with are taking lessons in the DA40 out of KASE, though one of them moved down to florida.

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Thats super cool it is a popular trainer I believe.

fyi… Some of the pics are double posted in this thread… but cool pics

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rip my bad trying to do a edit screwed it up

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Nice pics!

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