Better than Ol’ Blue Eyes?

You do you buddy, you do you.

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The most beautiful voice ever. Can’t be bested by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

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have you listened to JUMP0UTTHEH0USE?

nothing, that’s why I said still

I’ll admit, he’s got talent for the style of music he’s doing, lots of it. I respect that.

But nobody compares to the raw vocal elegance Sinatra has.


It’s called sarcasm :man_facepalming:

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Carti does

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But he just doesn’t.

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Just started learning this piece
(Schubert’s Impromptu in A flat Major)

He just does, makes the perfect music for every mood and you are wrong and I am right

Learn Long time by Carti Next

Yeah, no.

That’s where you’re wrong. I don’t even like Frank Sinatra, but it’s better than Carti (not like that’s hard to do though).

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I don’t play rap or anything like that

Carti is much better

learn long time by Carti

This is the album getting me through COVID :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nostalgia 100