MSFS hardware question


I don’t post here that often, but figured this would be a good place to ask some hardware questions. If this should be in another category, please let me know

I recently ordered a new PC, with a rx6700XT and an i5-12400f. I was wondering if this build would be sufficient to run MSFS on ultra settings at a comfortable frame rate? If not, what would be the highest settings that I could run MSFS at? I’m just trying to make sure I can run MSFS at higher-end settings at a good FPS before dumping $100 into it

i have a 3060 and i7, i run MSFS on high and normal, it has a very good FPS rate, with that of what your ordered, id recommend not doing ultra settings.

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Do you average above 60fps?

yes i do, 60fps is the regular for me ir above. with mods aswell.

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My guess is that medium will be the highest you can run if you want good fps. If your fine with like 20 - 30 fps you can use high.

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