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Hi! Share what youre doing on MSFS now or just send pictures of your gameplay!


nah nah nah, show me what you’re doing on roblox

i havent played that in like 4 months dawg :skull:

i’m flying on msfs what else am i supposed to do

take. pictures. and share.

no. thank. you.

I’ll share my photos😅

Anyone here have a RX6700xt?

MSFS is something I have to jerry rig to run, so there may be a slight performance impact for me to run.

I do actually get better performance on my iGPU vs my dGPU since MSFS is too much for the cooling setup on the dGPU to handle so it throttles

So at the end of the day MSFS regularly looks like this but runs smoother than it does on Windows.

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