Most Comfortable Airline Cabin

What Is the most comfortable airline cabin you have flown on? Go!


For economy it has to be the American Legacy A321. For International economy it is the El Al 787

Premium is Hawaiian A330 and El Al 787

First Class / Business got to be United 787-8 Polaris and Swiss A330.

Alaska 737-900 Premium Econ from SEA-LAS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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def swa 737-800 / max


JetBlue new interior definitely is the best for Economy
United isn’t bad for Premium

Only flown American First and it wasn’t the best out there of course (since it’s their domestic 1st, so of course other First class cabins are better

Also Alaska old interior is very nice for economy/premium

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Hawaiians premium economy seat is one of the best in my opinion

I’m 6’2 and the legroom is amazing

Thus was when I flew the El Al Premium Economy. Amazing experience.



And Spirit is back problems

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you cant be 6’2 and fly spirit with 28in of pitch


AA E175 Main cabin/main cabin extra.

And AA premium economy

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Cathay 777 International Business Class

Free upgrade on a stormy and windy day

What how
Their E-175s are so cramped :joy:

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he’s a AA fanboy

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I love American but even I draw the line at that aircraft

Also UA A320 family sucks

Contrary to popular belief I do like American’s Oasis Cabin
Legroom isn’t as bad as you’d think after they added 2 rows of economy seats

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Economy - ANA 767-300ER, yes, it’s an old plane but those seats are very comfortable (the seat pitch!) and most importantly of all, they aren’t paper-thin.

Qatar Airways A350-900, very refined interior/cabin space even in economy compared to other airlines. Seat width and pitch was really good for modern standards. (And the lighting really does the trick.)

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER, 3-3-3 layout on a 777 nowadays is rare. As expected, the width was exceptional and the seat had real padding. I guess SQ doesn’t bother with slimline seats which was a good thing.

Business - Qatar Airways 777-300ER QSuites. Amazing experience. The picture pretty much says it all (for the hard product.)

Not my picture
Credit: KN Aviation

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They don’t have the A321

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Oops sorry I misread it :sweat_smile:
I thought you said AA

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Oh :joy:
Their A321 isn’t bad
A319 is nice
Haven’t flown economy on the A320

737 is the best tho

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