Moderator For The Day

Moderator For The Day

Now I know this is going to cause a lot of commotion so I would like to clear up a few things before announce the full idea.

  • No, the Moderator selected for the day will not have access to any information about you. They will only have the ability to close, open, archive, split, etc

  • Secondly, the moderator will only have their permissions towards one category. The category will be a side category which will be able to contain a temporary off topic discussion which they can moderate.

  • They will not have moderator permissions between the hours of 2020-12-28T05:00:00Z2020-12-29T13:00:00Z. This is so we can monitor them at all times so nothing gets out of hand.


  • Must be at or above 13 years of age (as per forum rules)
  • Must be a TL2 or higher on the forum
  • Account must be in good standing


If all of that applies, you can use the link below to apply for a position. The position will be chosen at random from nominees that are eligible. If the link doesn’t work, is because you are lower than a TL2 on the forum. If so, keep posting and maybe you will be able to get there by the time the form closes. We hope you guys enjoy and good luck to everyone!


I would like to add that this is moderator for the day not forever. It’s for one day

And I’m sorry for forgetting who it was but someone recommended this to me a while ago. I do not remember but someone gave me this idea so if you remember who you were, thank you

Edit: it was @Aviation2929


There go my chances lol :joy:

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When will this start?

Idk yet

My goodness. Can it begin today lol🤣

You are already a mod

I know but i wanna how this program goes

RIP I guess… for now at least…

Edit: nvm lol

I applied

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I submitted a response. Fingers crossed :grin:

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Unpinned. Hmmm… Wonder what that means…

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This is an absolutely horrible idea… Applying now

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Oh lol

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Submitted an intention to be mod lol

Still waiting for this :eyes:

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