Model Airport Empires 1


Welcome to Model Airport Empires! This is where we can share operations at our model airports, book flights to each other’s airports, share what planes are operating what route, share specialty routes, share arrivals and departures for your airport, and keep track of model airports around the WFC.

On top of this, you can share operations with your airline, sell, trade, auction, and gift planes to each other, announce any accidents or incidents, operate flights to other airports, sell tickets and promote your airline, and announce any retirements or introductions of planes.

Here are the current operating airports and who it belongs to. To join, post the name of your airport, along with airlines that operate to your airport, with their respective destinations.

Username Airport(s) Main Airline
@Nugget Bogland Capital International Airport Bogland Airlines
@Ethan Tokyo Center Airport Tokyo Air
@GBKarp São Paulo Mairiporã Sampairlines
@DeltaDev13 Mid-Michigan International Airport Michigan Connection Airways
@NathanD Northwest Washington International Airport Pacific Northwest Airlines
@American634 Greater Southwestern Colorado International Airport
@ThatOne9WPlen idk senilriA dnalgoB
@Rolls Collins Regional Airport Ember Air
@Flightistic Santa Rosa International Airport AirSTI
@RileyBozina Poggers/Ballina International Airport
@Brody_Swiatek Piedmont Triad International Airport Bardon Air
@Captainflight Avair Anon International Airport Avolan Airlines
@TheGlobalAviator Dubai City United Arab Airlines
@Fly_If Vail-Minturn International Coloclick

I’ll ask @Zach, @CaptainZac, and @KTJ_Mitchell the morning.

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All Current Destinations i guess

ANA Domestic: Osaka (Kansai), Sapporo, Naha, Fukuoka

ANA International: Hong Kong, Shanghai (Pudong), Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC and Chicago.

Air Canada: Vancouver

Air China: Beijing

Air Do: Sapporo, Hakodate (suspended)

American Airlines: Dallas, Los Angeles (Passenger) Hong Kong, Seoul (COVID Cargo)

British Airways: London Heathrow

China Airlines: Taipei (Taoyuan)

Etihad: Abu Dhabi (Via Beijing)

Eva Air: Taipei (Taoyuan), Taipei (Songshan), Kaohsiung (Seasonal)

Japan Airlines Domestic: Osaka (both), Sapporo, Oita, Fukuoka, Naha

Japan Airlines International: Seoul, Taipei (Songshan), Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Melbourne (suspended), Sydney, Brisbane (suspended), Moscow, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, London (Heathrow), Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, New York (JFK)

Korean Air: Seoul (Incheon)

Qatar: Doha

Qantas: Sydney

Starflyer: Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Yamaguchibe

Singapore Airlines: Singapore

United: Guam, Honolulu, San Francisco

And @Nugget’s airport

(but it’s here now)

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You guys gonna post photos of your airports?


Yes, of course :D.


I am planning to make a foldable extension

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Current destinations maybe

Delta Air Lines: Atlanta, New York (JFK), Los Angeles, Detroit, Pensacola, Miami, Nassau, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Boston, Tampa, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Honolulu, Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Center, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Paris

United Airlines: Newark, Tampa, Orlando, Paris, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Cancun, Denver, Charlotte, Las Vegas, San Antonio (@Zach), Baltimore

American Airlines: Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Raleigh, Dallas

Silver Airways: Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Nassau, Tampa

Hong Kong Airlines: Hong Kong, Tokyo Center

Air Tahiti Nui: Papeete, Paris

Norwegian Long Haul: Oslo, Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Rome

All Nippon Airways: Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Center, Osaka, Nagoya

Japan Airlines: Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Center, Sapporo

Westjet: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec

Alaska Airlines: Chicago (@KTJ_Mitchell), Chicago, Santa Ana, Orlando, New York, Boston, Portland, Seattle

Southwest: Chicago, Baltimore, New York, San Antonio (@Zach)

VASP: Sao Paulo


I should buy some E170s

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They’d be great for short hauls around Honshu and Hokkaido :). I should get some more long haul American Airlines and United Airlines jets to serve Tokyo Center and Chicago.

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Shame the only available normal 1:400 livery is Fuji dream and J Air

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Fuji Dream ain’t so bad. They’d look very splashy along with your Air Do B763.

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Tonight’s Departures and Arrivals

Departures (after 7PM)

Callsign Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time Departure Time Gate
JAL7009 B767-300ER Japan Air Lines Tokyo Narita (RJAA) 14:41 3:15AM A1
HX152 A330-300 Hong Kong Airlines Hong Kong @Ethan’s Airport 16:37 6:00AM A2
TN202 Heavy B787-9 Air Tahiti Nui Papeete (NTAA) 12:50 10:20PM A5
DL720 B747-400 Delta Air Lines Shanghai (ZSPD) 16:02 6:30AM A6
DL89 B777-200ER Delta Air Lines Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) 15:40 7:00PM A7
UA701 B757-200 United Airlines Houston (KIAH) 3:50 6:00AM B3
DL891 B757-200 Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City (KSLC) 5:45 12:45AM B4
VP2 MD-11 VASP Airlines Sao Paulo (SBGR) 9:15 1:00AM C1
UA57 B737-900ER United Airlines Newark (KEWR) 2:50 5:20AM C4
UA899 B737 MAX-8 United Airlines Paris (LFPG) 7:47 11:30PM C6
AA861 MD-82 American Airlines Dallas (KDFW) 4:00 3:10AM D1
DL1016 ERJ-145 Delta Connection Atlanta (KATL) 1:50 3:15AM D3
DL1014 CRJ-700 Delta Connection Washington D.C. (KDCA) 2:00 2:50AM D4
SIL371 Saab 340 Silver Airways Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 1:07 11:45PM D5
SIL30 ATR 42-600 Silver Airways Orlando (KMCO) 1:43 12:55AM D6
SIL906 ATR 42-600 Silver Airways Nassau (MYNN) 2:03 11:30PM D7
UA70 ERJ-175LR United Express San Antonio @Zach’ Airport 3:45 12:00AM D9
AS881 ERJ-175LR Horizon Airlines Chicago @KTJ_Mitchell’s Airport 2:21 2:20AM D10

Arrivals (Arrivals after 7PM)

Callsign Aircraft Airline Origin Flight Time Landing Time Gate
NH710 B777-300 All Nippon Airways Osaka Kansai (RJBB) 14:41 10:20PM A3
DY2301 B787-9 Norwegian Long Haul Oslo (ENGM) 9:02 9:36PM A4
TN208 B787-9 Air Tahiti Nui Papeete (NTAA) 13:50 8:10PM A5
DL409 B747-400 Delta Air Lines Detroit (KDTW) 3:15 3:40AM A6
DL900 B767-300ER Delta Air Lines Honolulu (PHNL) 11:00 5:00AM B1
WS113 B767-300ER WestJet Vancouver (CYVR) 6:25 6:50AM B2
UA170 B757-200 United Airlines San Francisco (KSFO) 7:31 5:00AM B3
DL910 A321-200 Delta Air Lines Atlanta (KATL) 1:49 11:50PM B5
UA302 B737-900ER United Airlines San Diego (KSAN) 7:10 3:50AM C4
DL520 B737-900ER Delta Air Lines New York (KJFK) 3:25 6:30AM C5
UA898 B737 MAX-8 United Airlines Chicago (KORD) 2:15 10:00AM C6
AS71 B737-800 Alaska Airlines Chicago @KTJ_Mitchell’s Airport 2:30 6:20AM C7
SW788 B737-300 Southwest Airlines San Antonio @Zach’ Airport 4:15 6:50AM C8
AA862 MD-82 American Airlines Dallas (KDFW) 3:45 2:50AM D1
DL9917 MD-88 Delta Air Lines Phoenix (KPHX) 4:50 6:57AM D2
DL452 ATR 72-200 Delta Connection Pensacola (KPNS) 2:33 5:20AM D3
DL1017 ERJ-145 Delta Connection Miami (KMIA) 1:30 2:00AM D4
DL1015 CRJ-700 Delta Connection Tampa (KTPA) 1:45 1:30AM D5
SIL370 Saab 340 Silver Airways Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 1:45 11:30PM D6
SIL32 ATR 42-600 Silver Airways Orlando (KMCO) 1:30 12:00AM D7
SIL905 ATR 42-600 Silver Airways Nassau (MYNN) 1:55 10:15PM D8
UA810 ERJ-175LR United Express Baltimore (KBMI) 1:15 10:55PM D9

Ask for what?

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What your airport is named

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I don’t play

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@Nugget unlike the calculations it appears Zac doesn’t have a model airport

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Oikay. I’ll ask @Zach now.

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I honestly have no idea what mine is.

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My ANA 787 has arrived at TBIT for the technical stop @Nugget

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Hey @Zach you have arrived at TBIT and the ANA 787 will be boarding again in 2 hours exactly. It is a clear day at LAX today