Microsoft Flight Simulator Speculation Thread

The name says it all!

What are you ideas/speculations about MSFS 2024?

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I speculate i probably won’t be buying it

Also i wonder if any addons made for MSFS 2024 would be cross compatible with MSFS 2020, even if a little conversion would be needed like addons for FSX working in MSFS 2020


Microsoft/Asobo’s stated virtually all addons will be compatible, I’m assuming it’s going to be simply converting it from 2020-2024 like XP11-12.

No, the goober asked if FS2024 addons will work with the older version.

Oh I can’t read

Average Canedian momunt eh?

having the IQ of a rock doesn’t help either

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I guess we share something in common, yay.

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