Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or XPlane 11

Ok, heated topic here… maybe… maybe not. Basically I wanted to see qhich of these 2 flight simulators the WFC prefers. I will also make another one between mobile flight sims too! To help, I’ll compare the 2 in this post and see what your opinions are.

  • Multiplayer - MFS has multiplayer, XPlane does not.

  • Airports and Regions - MFS has many, many airports, although XPlane has more, considering if you have downloaded all available addons.

  • Aircraft - MFS has a good selection of GA aircraft, although is lacking in commercial aircraft. XPlane has many aircraft, GA and commercial, and there are many additional aircraft to purchase.

  • Other - MFS has slightly better scenery than XPlane but not as many airports as discussed above. MFS can be downloaded on console when released on Series X/S although XPlane cannot.

You choose, these are a mix of facts and opinions above.

Personally, I like XPlane, but MFS would have a better community and is growing fast and it is a simulator I will be getting. Voice your opinions below and please be kind! I like both and we shall see how it goes from there.

Happy debating!

Ps. Feel free to make your on comparisons below using the format I have above.

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Well I can see that people are very interested in this topic.

Ooo I’ve had both. In the end, I decided to delete XP and I just kept MSFS. It is so much better

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I haven’t had an experience of either bit that’s good to know! Didn’t realise how much this topic could help me myself with my next sim.

I don’t have pc sims so idk

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Am… ok…

XBOX sim tho… :joy:


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My xbox isnt compatible

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Yeah I guessed so. It was a joke.

Vatsim : Hold my controller

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i choose…

FSX: Steam Edition

Xplane 11 is best.

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X-PLANE FTW! FS2020 is just a bunch of eye-candy with broken physics. Sure the lighting in XP might be weird, and its always summer unless you download 200GB of third party texture manipulators, but aircraft handling is more realistic (plus you don’t have airport identifies floating in the air).

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