Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach | A Guide To South Florida Airports

Miami vs Fort Lauderdale vs West Palm Beach | A Guide To South Florida Airports

Miami international is the “biggest” airport in the South Florida region. It hosts most of the international airlines that fly to Florida. It is a hub for American Airlines and hosts all of the major US airlines other than Allegiant, Spirit, and JetBlue (starting service to MIA soon). Miami has flights to all around the world. Some of its airlines include Alitalia, Lufthansa, British Airways, El Al, Qatar, Air Canada, and plenty more.

Top Routes

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Rank City Passengers Carriers
1 Atlanta, Georgia 482,000 American, Delta, Frontier
2 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas 415,000 American, Frontier
3 New York–LaGuardia, New York 399,000 American, Delta, Frontier
4 Chicago–O’Hare, Illinois 379,000 American, Frontier, United
5 Newark, New Jersey 324,000 American, Frontier, United
6 Charlotte, North Carolina 303,000 American
7 Los Angeles, California 282,000 American
8 New York–JFK, New York 273,000 American, Delta
9 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 241,000 American, Frontier
10 Washington–National, D.C. 231,000 American


Rank Airport Passengers Carriers
1 São Paulo–Guarulhos, Brazil 830,132 American, LATAM
2 London–Heathrow, United Kingdom 776,480 American, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic
3 Buenos Aires–Ezeiza, Argentina 735,222 Aerolíneas Argentinas, American, LATAM
4 Havana, Cuba 673,701 American, Delta
5 Panama City, Panama 631,233 American, Copa Airlines
6 Bogotá, Colombia 574,859 American, Avianca, LATAM
7 Lima, Peru 574,473 American, Avianca, LATAM
8 Madrid, Spain 574,140 Air Europa, American, Iberia
9 Mexico City, Mexico 516,803 Aeroméxico, American, Volaris
10 Santo Domingo–Las Américas, Dominican Republic 437,769 American

Fort Lauderdale is the second largest airport in South Florida. It is the home to many major airlines in the US. That includes JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest, Allegiant, and Silver. Many other airlines also fly here including every major domestic carrier other than Frontier. Air Canada, Azul, WestJet, and Azul are other major international airlines that fly here. It was formerly home to many international flights transatlantic on Norwegian to Paris, Stockholm, and more but unfortunately Norwegian stopped all transatlantic services. Emirates also flew to Dubai, but it has been retired because of the coronavirus.

Top Routes


Rank City Passengers Airlines
1 Atlanta, Georgia 736,000 Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
2 Newark, New Jersey 461,000 JetBlue, Spirit, United Airlines
3 New York–LaGuardia, New York 336,000 Delta, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit
4 Baltimore, Maryland 331,000 Southwest, Spirit
5 Charlotte, North Carolina 322,000 American, Spirit
6 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas 321,000 American, Spirit
7 Chicago-O’Hare, Illinois 315,000 JetBlue, Spirit, American
8 New York–JFK, New York 289,000 Delta, JetBlue
9 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 277,000 American, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
10 Boston, Massachusetts 276,000 Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit


Rank City Passengers Top carriers
1 Nassau, Bahamas 504,136 Bahamasair, JetBlue, Southwest
2 Toronto–Pearson, Canada 438,775 Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing, WestJet
3 Montréal, Canada 403,060 Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing
4 Port-au-Prince, Haiti 394,373 JetBlue, Spirit
5 Montego Bay, Jamaica 373,076 Caribbean, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
6 San José, Costa Rica 338,299 JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
7 Cancún, Mexico 332,502 JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
8 Havana, Cuba 291,061 JetBlue, Southwest
9 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 261,433 JetBlue, Spirit
10 Bogotá, Colombia 251,409 Avianca, JetBlue, Spirit

West Palm Beach is the smallest passenger airport in the South Florida airport but definitely is very convenient opposed to the hustle and bustle of MIA and FLL. It is usually pretty quiet, making it an easy and quick experience. It is home to no major airline hubs, but airlines like JetBlue, American, Delta, Air Canada, and more fly there.

Top Routes


Rank City Passengers Carriers
1 Atlanta, Georgia 293,000 Delta, Southwest
2 Newark, New Jersey 232,000 Frontier, JetBlue, United
3 Charlotte, North Carolina 178,000 American
4 Boston, Massachusetts 148,000 Delta, JetBlue, Spirit
5 New York–LaGuardia, New York 137,000 American, Delta, JetBlue, United
6 New York–JFK, New York 122,000 Delta, JetBlue
7 Baltimore, Maryland 107,000 Southwest
8 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 102,000 American, Frontier, JetBlue
9 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas 93,000 American
10 White Plains, New York 74,000 JetBlue

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